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Miley Cyrus: less hair but more fans?

Miley Cyrus has shot up 11 places in the starcount Pop Music Chart, after parading a dramatic new do. Although the look has caused controversy and divided her fans, she has taken to Twitter to announce that she has ‘never felt more me in my whole life’.


Her usual waist-length curls have transformed into a bleached blonde crop, and the attention has brought with it an army of new fans. Miley has gained over 195,000 new followers on Twitter and over 23,000 Facebook fans today, pushing her up to no.4 in the daily Pop chart. She is also up a huge 23 places in the Musician chart and places at no.6 today, above Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga. Miley Cyrus now has a total of over 22.7 million Facebook fans and almost 7.5 million Twitter followers. She also boasts over 162 million YouTube views, gaining over 10,000 today.

Miley has hit back at her critics over Twitter, posting several pictures of herself, with captions such as ‘feeling so happy in my skin’ and ‘LOVE my hair’. And with her hand embroidered with a sparkly engagement ring from Australian hottie Liam Hemsworth, it seems that Miley doesn’t have that much to worry about.

It’s amazing that even a haircut can increase your social media popularity… perhaps other stars should follow suit?