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DC’s All Time Most Popular Heroes

Legendary publisher DC comics is home to some of fiction’s most iconic characters and many of comicbooks’ greatest names. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman to name a few made their name on the pages of a DC comic. The New York based company which boasts 1million Facebook fans has come a long way since 1934 – pioneering the Golden Age of comic books and overhauling their characters in the Silver Age, while they have now started harnessing new forms of technology. Social media has been a pivotal part of breathing new life into their classic heroes for a new generation to embrace.

DC’s characters are cherished worldwide – their adventures, personalities and powers leaping off the page and into the imagination of anyone who has ever touched one of their comicbooks. After more than 80 years at the top of the comicbook world, and with social networks making it more accessible than ever before to follow our favourite heroes, who is the all-time most popular DC superhero?

6 – Aquaman

With 74,000 fans on Facebook Aquaman is the 6th most popular DC superhero ever. Despite being a founding member of the Justice League of America, Aquaman has never had a blockbuster film dedicated to his intriguing story which is likely one of the reasons he has such a low following compared to his fellow heroes.

5 – The Flash

The Flash has 162,000 Facebook fans, placing him 5th in our list, an impressive achievement considering he was killed off in 1985 and only brought back for regular comicbook appearances in 2008. However, with a big screen adaptation planned The Flash could be set to dramatically rise on social in the next few years.

The Flash

4 – Wonder Woman

One of the most iconic comicbook heroes in history and the most popular female DC hero of all time – feminist icon and warrior princess, Wonder Woman is our fourth most popular DC character. Over 181,000 Facebook users have liked her official page leading to Wonder Woman accumulating a faithful following on the network thanks to her consistent comic releases since 1941.

3 – Green Lantern

Boosted by the success of the 2011 film, roller coasters at Six Flags and a tie-in video game, Green Lantern makes it into the top 3 DC superheroes ever. With the combined number of likes of Aquaman, The Flash and Wonder Woman, Green Lantern is comfortably within the top 3.

Green Lantern

2 – Superman

It’s no surprise that Superman ranks so highly on our list, coming in at number two. Star of several blockbuster movies as well as the 2013 smash hit Man of Steel, Superman is synonymous with the comicbooks genre worldwide. Nearly 5million people follow Superman, the equivalent of half the population of his home city, Metropolis.

1 – Batman

With 9.7million followers and at the time of writing 220,000 people talking about him, Batman is the most popular DC superhero of all time. Batman is close to doubling the number of likes his closest rival, Superman, has received and shows no signs of slowing. Batman comics, movies, books and videogames have helped the growth of Gotham’s favourite from comic book ace, to social star and all-time favourite.

Batman 8mil