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Top 5 Superhero Games Ever

When we aren’t flicking through the worn, dog-eared pages of our favourite comicbook or rewatching our most treasured superhero movie, we’re firing up a console and loading superhero video games. Just like the films and comics, superhero video games are extremely popular on social and have gained followings that sometimes even exceed the film adaptations! Here’s the rundown of the top superhero video games on social:

Marvel vs Capcon

LEGO Batman

LEGO’s collaborations with movies have stretched from Star Wars to Lord of the Rings, but the most popular LEGO video game on social is LEGO Batman. The Dark Knight’s LEGO alter-ego has 319,000 Facebook likes and has far more than the 274,000 of LEGO Harry Potter, the second most popular in the series.


The comic book influenced cut-scenes and animations, as well as the choice to be a hero or villian, gave inFAMOUS a cult status within the realm of superhero video games. With 378,000 Facebook followers, inFAMOUS is the next superhero game on our list and the only one not to feature characters from the big two comic book publishers, DC and Marvel.



Showcasing the brute force and technical house of their finest superheroes is DC in their latest video game release, Injustice. The all-star cast featuring all of DC’s most notorious villains and cherished superheroes has gained more than 357,000 Facebook likes, which is more than Aquaman and The Flash’s combined Facebook likes on their official pages. However, Injustice is not limited to one network – it has also been strong on Twitter where it is now followed by 35,000 people.

Marvel vs Capcom

The fighting series which features the pinnacle of Capcom’s video game lineup and the legendary superheroes from Marvel’s roster is one of the greatest superhero video games ever made and the second most popular on our list. Using multiple networks, Marvel vs Capcom has gained nearly 1 million likes on Facebook and has 29,000 followers on Twitter.

Batman Arkham Series

Beating out every other superhero video game on social, by a very long way, is the acclaimed Batman Arkham series. On Facebook the series is the only game on our list to have broken the 1 million mark as it now boasts more than 2 million likes. The series has also swooped in and taken Twitter by storm and is the sole game on our list to have over 100,000 Twitter followers. With two instalments under its belt the franchise is now gearing up for the third game in the series which is due for release later this year, putting it in a position where Arkham can stay at the top for a long time.